In September 1990 and with the sponsorship of the IWA, the lnternational Workshop on Anaerobic Treatment Technology far Municipal and Industrial Wastewater took place in Valladolid (Spain). In the last 30 years, the scope of application of anaerobic processes has expanded from a simple waste/wastewater treatment technology, to a platfarm capable of producing renewable electricity and in the latest years is regarded as the core of a multiproduct biorefinery. New tools and processes such as molecular biology, process automation and control, biogas upgrading, nutrient recovery, and organic acid generation have upgraded the potential of anaerobic digestion and increase its robustness. This specialist workshop, given by sorne of the most recognised scientists in the field nowadays, constitutes a unique discussion platfarm of the latest scientific developments and practical applications in anaerobic digestion.

Sala Cardenal Mendoza. Palacio de Congresos Conde Ansúrez.
Calle Real de Burgos, s/n. Valladolid

October 21st 2021. 14:30 – 19:00

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